Stuart Whitton is a rising Welsh freelance illustrator and visual artist based in London who enjoys nothing more than creating imagery for
personal and commercial clients globally.

An advocate of the traditional he utilises media to create meticulously hand drawn ethereal illustrations, many of which have been included
in a number of international publications and exhibitions.

Selected Clients:
Derwent (UK), Tate Modern (UK), Wallpaper* (UK), Creative Review (UK), Die Zeit (GER), Hemisphere Magazine (USA),
Ink Publishing (UK), PrivatAir Magazine (UK), Maharam (USA), Origin68 (UK), RGB Photographic (UK)

“In our digitally-dominated world it’s always refreshing to see the work of a true craftsman. Armed with nothing but a humble pencil,
Stuart Whitton creates beautiful, evocative images. And on top of that, he’s very nice. With lovely hair.”
Patrick Burgoyne, Editor, Creative Review.

“We’ve always been impressed by Stuart’s highly detailed yet inventive work. The ‘Alphabet’ series is innovative and striking; Stuart’s
imaginative approach to drawing is staggering.”
Rebecca Watson, Design & Marketing Co-ordinator, Derwent Pencils.

“Pencil ninja.”
Jack Daly, FormFiftyFive

“Stuart uses pencil and paper to create imagery that crackles with magical realism — hyper-detail refracted through a milieu of CGI,
forensic science and conceptual art.”
Paul Pensom, Art Director, Creative Review.

“Pencil and paper has been the cornerstone of today’s creative minds ever since the quill became a collectors item. Still anchoring to
the purity of simple graphite and friction, Stuart Whitton labors on creating fantastic imagery. Focusing solely on fabrics he has
created an alphabet that puts photoshop and illustrator to shame. Cloth is one of the most difficult things to sketch properly and the
attention to detail Stuart put in this project is astounding. All 26 characters are included.”
Adam Kupratis, LIP Mag

Date: February 27, 2013